The History of the Chase Family.


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Rex Chase

Mr. Chase was born in Northeast Oklahoma and raised in the Seneca, Missouri area. He managed several Ben Franklin stores all around the country. He was always proud that he was able to start in on the ground floor working for Mr. Sam Walton. He opened store number four in the Wal-Mart chain. His career took off at Wal-Mart where he eventually became one of the very first District Managers in the Wal-Mart chain. According to Mr. Jack Shewmaker, former head of Wal-Mart, a lot of the marketing and merchandising procedures that Mr. Chase used when he was with the store are still in place and being used to this day even though Mr. Chase passed away in 1983. Mr. Chase’s pride and joys, though, were his girls and his main reason for working so hard was to “take care of his girls”, his wife Glada and their daughters, Beverly and Susan.

Glada Chase

When Mrs. Chase was growing up she was a very pretty and popular girl. She was a lover of people and enjoyed life in every way. Like her husband, Mrs. Chase was a devout Christian and passed on her Christian ideals to her daughters. She basically never met a stranger and was fondly called Honey by her family and almost every person that she met and knew. Mrs. Chase was always very proud of her daughters and tried to instill good Christian morals and a good work ethic. She taught her daughters to love and respect others and to share what they were blessed to have with other people. One of her main passions in life was cooking. She loved good home country cooking and cooked for herself right until she passed away in 2003. She passed on her love for cooking to her daughter Susan. She always had a good attitude toward life and always looked for the positive in any situation even when she was undergoing Chemotherapy.

Beverly Chase Elder

Beverly Chase was the eldest daughter of Rex and Glada Chase. Graduating from John Brown University, Beverly was married the same day she graduated from college in order to go to her husband’s military assignment in Hawaii. Beverly and her family moved around a lot while her husband was in the military. She and her family settled down in Paris, Texas. Beverly’s two sons currently live in Texas. Her family had a local radio station in Paris, Texas that they ran for several years. Beverly was a quiet person who really loved music and horses. It was not uncommon for Beverly to ride her horse during her Chemotherapy to help her clear her mind. Beverly relied on her faith, reading the Bible, and riding her horse to help her get through the worst of her treatment. Unfortunately, Beverly passed away in 1992 at the young age of 42 to breast cancer.